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I'm a product designer making the world more open and connected at Facebook. I'm a designer who constantly attempts, and fails, to write code.

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Let's Build a Coffee Table!

June 18th 2016

Wedding gifts are not something my fiancée, Caito, and I have traditionally put much thought into. Peruse the registry, pick something, and gift. But when we heard our good friends Alex & Rachel Clemesha were getting married, we knew we had to craft...

Responsible ALL CAPS

June 6th 2016

Let’s talk about designing in ALL CAPS. No, seriously. If the association with an obnoxious flame war isn’t enough to dissuade you from typesetting ALL CAPS then consider the inherent taxation on reading speed. Jakob Nielsen explains, “Reading speed...

The 26 Column Grid

March 4th 2016

The 12 column grid has been a staple in my toolbox for years, first with and more recently with bootstrap scaffolding. It has been incredibly helpful and allowed a quick start to many projects. But when I recently sat down to redesign chapolito...

Rebranding Fanpics—a peek inside my design process

January 9th 2015 This post originally appeared on the Fanpics Blog.

The decision to reimagine our brand came after our successful trial run of Fanpics at SDSU. The old logo (and that’s really all it was) was a crowd-sourced design that had served us well, but wasn...

AppGratis Post Apple Takedown—Nerfed but Fighting Back

June 18th 2013

It's no mystery that the influence AppGratis once wielded was severely nerfed by the removal from the app store and revoked push notifications, but where exactly does it stand? They deposited $13.5M in funding in January so you can bet they aren't...

Developers Guide to Images

February 26th 2013

I regularly receive questions from developer friends who are a bit baffled with images and their confusing formats. I’ve also heard that they hate receiving a PSD with no instructions and having to wade through the overwhelming options of Photoshop...